The Financial Conduct Authority expects any intermediary to disclose to its customers that a commission may be payable by the owner or creditor to the intermediary, and if the customer asks, the amount that is payable as commission. The Financial Conduct Authority has made it clear that “commission” means any financial consideration.

Our Charges:

  • We do not make a charge to you for helping you to find a suitable lender. We will receive a payment by way of a commission or a fee from the lender for our work. Different lenders may pay us different amounts.
  • Where your request for lending relates to a vehicle and the lending will be regulated by the Consumer Credit Act (CCA), we will direct your request to a suitable lender based on the risk profile of the proposal. The APR charged under the finance agreement and any commission paid to us will be set at a fixed rate linked to the risk profile of the proposal. These are set by the relevant lender.
  • If you wish to know more about how we determine the risk profile of a proposal and the price we link to this profile, then we can share this information with you.

If you would like us to disclose any potential commission, please make your request in writing to Sussex Asset Finance Limited, 2 Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH11 9TL.